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Blue surrounds a field of green, representing the natural beauty of North America. At the centre, the maple leaf, a symbol of colonial interest in Canada as early as 1806. It sits in a field of white surrounded by a band of orange, symbolic of the indigenous cultures which protect the land and water since time immemorial.


Inspired Canadians
embrace the belief that people and their families are connected to the communities they live in as well as the global biosphere. They understand that they are stewards of the Earth and must live in harmony with their environment. Empathy, reverence and gratitude are all key traits of an Inspired Canadian.
We hope that this small act will bring awareness, open conversations, create allies and aid in working toward reconciliation with our First Nations and act as a first step in embracing all marginalized communities.

"Now that you know, what will you do?"
~ residential school survivor

Proceeds from this website go to support
a not for profit social network.

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